BIOGEN – An ICO for longer human life, by Loren Smith 27/11/2018

There is a limited age to which humanity can live and we all know that. At the moment, the highest age for the human race is 70 years. And when anyone manages to go beyond that, they may not go past 80. This is the concern that The BIOGEN International Business Company was trouble with. The thought that whales can live 200 years and a shark can live 420 years. Oysters on the other hand can live until 500 years. Any human being could be troubled by such revelations. There is one thing that was found to be common for all the animals mentioned above. And the secret is that they can be able to stay young for long. Living healthy Many, if not all people feel so bad when they fall sick even on the simplest infection. There is so much that goes on in human life that it makes it impossible for people t enjoy life without the worry of falling sick. The world has changed a lot today and it seems as though sickness is all over. People fall sick all time through the food they eat and how they interact with the environment. There has been a great advance in this field to try and uncover how human life can be improved. BIOGEN International Business Company decided to investigate how human life can be extended. What happens in the human aging process? There are structures in the human body called telomeres that protect human genetic material. This structure is responsible for holding intact human DNA. As our cells multiply throughout our life, telemeters are shortened. This is thought be among the reasons that cause aging. Enzyme telomerase’s contribution We know that our bodies always have antidotes for most of the issues we face in life. And enzyme telomerase is the natural antidote that realarge telomeres. But the enzyme is not existent in adult organisms. It only exists in embryos to create new individuals by resetting telomeres. At the moment, proof of achieving immortality has been found in cancer cells. They are immortal because they contain enzyme telomerase. BioGen believed that anything is possible. They activated enzyme telomerase in mice. The conclusion was that, if it were human, it would up 120 healthy years. BIOGEN and Blockchain Truth is, this could be the best investment anyone could ever want to be part of. At the moment, there are two billion potential customers. And the best part is, there is no competition yet for the company. As aging is related to many other diseases, only a few who know the value of what is happening here will benefit. This is a great opportunity that anyone would jump to grab as soon as possible. The company has managed to extend mice life by over 40%. There is necessity to carry out tests on humans with the first part for those with degenerative diseases in process to reach agreements with hospitals. Through blockchain technology, the company is putting together funds to complete their research by engaging other investors. You can now get the IcoBiogen token, HTHER if you want to be part of the team. Loren Smith Loren has an MA in Science journalism and has worked for the BBC for the past 18 months, She has an honors degree in Anatomical and Physiological sciences and a passion for news media and had articles published in New Scientist

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