Death and aging will be an option in the not too distant future, experts say

Death will be optional in the year 2045 and aging a curable disease, according to the engineer José Luis Cordeiro and the co-founder of the Symbian operating system, David Wood, during the presentation in Barcelona of his new book, «Death of death «(Ediciones Deusto).

The two engineers defend the scientific possibility of immortality and rejuvenation and ensure that in the coming decades humans «will die because of accidents, but never in a natural way», reason why they consider it very important that «aging be declared as a disease «and thus be able to investigate from the public road.

The Cambridge mathematician David Wood explained during the presentation, held at the Equestrian Circle of Barcelona, ​​that this will be possible thanks to various technological techniques, in which nanotechnology is of great importance.

Thus, according to Wood, genetic editing will be possible to turn bad genes into healthy ones, regenerative medicine, the elimination of dead cells from the body, treatments with stem cells, the repair of damaged cells and the printing of organs in 3d

The main objective is «to cure aging: to reverse it and rejuvenate», explained the engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, José Luis Cordeiro, who has already made it clear that he does not intend to die, and that, in addition, in 30 years «it will be more young today. »

Wood and Cordeiro, this last Venezuelan of Spanish parents, have argued that in ten years diseases such as cancer will be cured, and have argued that companies like Google «are entering the field of medicine because they have realized that cure the aging is possible. » In addition, the authors have explained that Microsoft announced a cryopreservation center, in which one of the scientists is investigating the cure of cancer in ten years.

They have also justified that, «although people do not know», in 1951 it was discovered that cancer cells are immortal, that is, that «cancer causes the cells to stop aging», when a patient, Henrietta Lacks, becomes ill of cervical cancer, he died and the doctors removed the tumor, which «is still alive today.»

On the other hand, although it might seem that immortality leads to overpopulation, the authors say that there are still many people on Earth, that currently people do not have as many children as before and that «space can also be inhabited.»

«Japan and Korea – if they continue with the current trends of not procreating – are on the way to extinction, so there will be no Japanese or Koreans in two centuries», but said that «thanks to these techniques, yes there will be because they will to live indefinitely young. »

In addition, regarding what it would cost to undergo a treatment of rejuvenation, the technologist Wood has affirmed, comparing it with smartphones, that «at the beginning it will be expensive, but with a competitive market the price will go down because it will benefit everyone». «The technologies, when they start, are bad and expensive, but then they become democratized and they become cheap,» added Cordeiro.

The Venezuelan explained that two years ago it began, experimentally and illegally in Colombia, a country where there are fewer regulations, a treatment of rejuvenation for the first human patient, Elisabeth Parrish, a woman who has pointed out the Venezuelan «He started to see symptoms of aging and asked what he could do to avoid it.» Although he has affirmed that this treatment is being done with many risks, «including illegality», according to Wood, the treatment is going well, there are no side effects and the level of telomeres in blood is twenty years younger than before.

«I want to position Spain in the world with these technologies and show that we are not crazy, what happens is that people still do not know,» he concluded.

The book is scheduled to be published in four languages ​​- Spanish, English, Portuguese and Korean – and the authors have donated copyright benefits to research in this discipline.

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