Frequent questions

Common questions

Frequent questions

Here are some common questions about the company that owns the HTER token

The project is based on the search for an effective method to extend human life. We will mainly investigate the most effective method to lengthen or avoid the reduction of telomere size without damaging other cells or the health and human integrity.

The company responsible for the project is  BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY based in the Ireland and has the collaboration of scientists and experts in molecular bio-medicine around the world.

The HTER tokens are tokens compatible with TELOS MAINET distributed in the Telos accordance with a related vapaeetokens  intelligent contract (the "HTER Tokens").

If they are naturally transferable among users of the Telos Mainet, the owners or potential buyers of the token or HTER must have an electronic wallet compatible Telos in case of giving an address of an unsupported wallet the buyer will lose the chips and can not recover them , nor will the purchase value be returned !! REMEMBER YOUR electronic wallet WHERE WE SEND THE TOKEN HTER MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH THE TOKENS TELOS MAINET IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

The HTER Tokens do not have any right, use, purpose, attribute, functionality or characteristic, express or implicit, including, without limitation, any use, purpose, attribute, functionality or characteristic in the COMPANY BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY. Once the period of delivery to the buyers of the HTER tokens is completed, the company will list the tokens on the exchange platforms that it considers convenient.

The token Hter can be used for when people register on our website as a verification method to verify that the address of the electronic wallet and email are from the same person, to perform such verification could ask the person who wants to register to send an amount of token Hter to the address of the electronic wallet that we create appropriate.

Hter tokens can be used in any way that the company deems convenient, they can be used as a discount token, as company gifts for their clients, etc.

BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY seeks ways to extend human life this will be its main mission, it is possible that while trying to develop the company BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY find other objectives related or not with this search and reserves the right to invest the time and resources you think necessary.

The distribution of the tokens will be made according to the conditions of each exchange

2,550,000,000 of HTER Records will remain the property of the company.
1. 450,000,000 HTER Tokens will be distributed among managers and employees, external collaborators of the company, or a wallet for future rewards of internal or external workers, collaborators, the company reserves the right to distribute them at the time it deems convenient and in the manner what you think is convenient
2. 2,000,000,000 HTER Tokens will be distributed to buyers according to their purchase orders

Phase 1  unique stage the discount from 15 %, the price of the token Hter will be 0,1 Eos.

To receive my HTER tokens, I must have a wallet compatible with  tokens from the Telos Mainet, if you provide us with an account that is not compatible, we will send the tokens to a wallet that is not compatible and you will lose your tokens and money invested. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WALLET IS COMPATIBLE !!!.

The company has the absolute power to decide if the project starts or returns the funds to the buyers.

We recommend using:


If there is a minimum purchase of 750 Token Hter.

HTER Tokens It was decided that citizens, residents and entities of the US UU They should be excluded from the purchase of Tokens HTER in chip distribution due to some of the logistical challenges associated with the different regulations in the various states of the United States of America. BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY does not believe that the distribution of the HTER Tokens themselves are securities, commodities, swaps in securities or commodities, or similar financial instruments. HTER Tokens are not designed for investment or speculative purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. However, citizens, residents and entities of the United States. UU You must not buy or attempt to buy HTER Tokens.

How do I know what period of purchase and how much should I send? The website will tell you how much EOS you should send according to the Hter tokens you want to buy and you will have a period of two days to send the agreed EOS. Any agreement will only be effective once we have received the agreed EOS tokens.The purchase period will be counted at the moment The company receives the EOS tokens. Review all risks associated with the purchase of HTER Tokens, including the technical risks set forth in the Purchase Agreement.

If they are, it is possible that the HTER Tokens can be transferred as equals or on platforms operated by third parties. Remember that the used wallets or the companies that accept our HTER tokens must be compatible with the TELOS tokens of the Telos Mainnet.

Yes, the HTER Token is a token compatible with Telos Mainnet; therefore, transfers will be subject to ram den Telos Mainnet fees like all other transactions on Telos Mainnet network, please check the associated fees.

The HTER tokens distribution contract, the HTER Token smart contract and the HTER tokens are provided "as is" and "as available" without representations, warranties , promises or guarantees of any kind made by BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY. Before purchasing HTER Tokens, you must ensure that you conduct your own examination and investigation and carefully review in full the risks associated with the purchase of Token HTER as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. HTER Tokens purchases are non-refundable and purchases can not be canceled. In no case shall you be entitled to receive money or compensation for any purchased HTER Tokens or your inability to purchase HTER Tokens.

The revenues from the distribution of HTER tokens will be the revenues of BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY. For which BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY plans to use the proceeds of the distribution of HTER Tokens As a company is private, the profits from the distribution of Token HTER will be used by BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY at its sole discretion. BIOGEN NTERNACIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY intends to use certain income for general administration and operating expenses, most of the funds will be spent to realize the objective for which the company was created, (the research and analysis of how to extend life human) also as a private company will be made the appropriate investments to carry out our objectives are related or not in order to safeguard the financial health of the company.

Because the company's goal is different, although the company reserves the right to collaborate with ONGs or non-business associations of profit.

Not under any circumstances until the end of the initial sale of HTER tokens. This project should be carried out naturally if it arouses general interest.

For several reasons, the two most important are safeguarding the interests of the company (commercial secret) and another for security reasons.