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A team of scientists manages to delay aging in mice until they live 40% more

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What are telomeres and what role do they play in the aging process?

At what point   does the enzyme telomerase   come  into    play?    

How close are we to be able to act on telomerase to stop the cell aging process?

How we work

Where and who will carry out the project?.

The company responsible for the project is HTER (BIOGEN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANY) based in the Ireland and has the collaboration of companies, scientists and experts in molecular bio-medicine around the world

What's special

What should be done to make this process that has worked in mice work in humans?

As aging is not considered a disease, you can not do tests with people to delay it. But we could use telomerase to treat patients suffering from diseases associated with aging and see if they improve by slowing aging.

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